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Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's new with PiLaKK-Youth Blogspot???


You better try to use our chatbox to leave your messages... I will be able to retrieve all the messages anytime. It will serve as our immediate messages posting area...

The other feature I added was the chat online (PiLaKK-Youth Counseling Room). Chat online will be our very first online helpline... everyone can get connected anytime. If you have special concerns, you can get in touch with me and other counselors via chatlive... This is open to all young people.

Another thing is that we already have a links that can redirect us in our virtual hard drive. You can download all the files of your respective organizations by clicking the links. I am just a text away for the password.

This is just for now... I hope that this would help us in our advocacy.


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